The MediClinix Plan


Testimonials about the MediClinix programs

"MediClinix took our busy clinic and introduced us to an additional very profitable revenue stream.  Thanks MediClinix."  

"From start to finish The MediClinix Plan has helped our practice set up systems that identify and capture profitable personal injury cases."  

"I highly recommend The MediClinix Plan to any and all medical practices.  As a practice we knew very little about Liens or Med Pay.  MediClinix educated the doctors and staff about ways to utilize both of these in our practice.   Now we have intelligent systems that helps us to identify and collect on these types of cases."

"The 'Improving the Profitability of Your Medical Practice' course has made a dramatic difference for our practice.  Collections have increased dramatically (over 100%) and I recommend the course to all physicians."

"The course has taught us a very valuable framework to maximize our business and especially our profits, even in this difficult economy."

"Doctors are never taught how to be business people in medical school or residency.  Starting a medial practice or running a practice is time consuming and difficult without proper training.  This course has profitable insights for medical practices that must compete in today's marketplace."

Tory McJunkin, M.D.
Medical Director and Founder
Arizona Pain Specialists

"The MediClinix Plan has increased our profitability by 150-200% on accident related cases - It's truly incredible."

"The MediClinix staff has taken the guesswork out of a complicated process.  From training our staff to providing simple, easy-to-use forms they have exceeded my expectations."

"The MediClinix Plan has been a game changer for our practice.  This program literally increased the profitability of our practice by 50% within 90 days."

"After implementing this program I am working less and making more money than at any point in my career."

"Taking this course is a must for all doctors running their own practice.  I would make this course a required part of medical school training if I could."

Paul Lynch, M.D.
Medical Director and Founder
Arizona Pain Specialists