The MediClinix Plan
If you see personal injury or motor vehicle accident patients, let us show you how to add thousands of dollars of pure profit to your medical practice.

The MediClinix Plan will drastically improve the profitability of your medical practice, potentially adding thousands of dollars in pure profit.   The MediClinix Plan uses a lien strategy to collect up to 100% of your usual charges.

The MediClinix Plan is NOT a gimmick!

The MediClinix Plan is a real, time-tested program that can greatly improve the cash flow of your medical practice.  See the "real life" examples on the "Why Use MediClinix?" page.  These medical practices boosted their profits literally by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Best of all, The MediClinix Plan is free! 

The MediClinix Plan  is 100%, absolutely free and costs your practice nothing.  We do ALL the work including recording the lien, handling ALL communications with attorneys and insurance companies and negotiating the settlement for your medical practice.  After we have negotiated aggressively on behalf of your medical practice to obtain the highest possible settlement, we send payment to you.  You, and your staff, have to do nothing.

MediClinix does it all!