The MediClinix Plan

Why Use MediClinix?

We know you have choices when choosing a company to help you with your personal injury patients. 

Why should you choose MediClinix?

  • Enrollment in The MediClinix Plan is 100% free.  There are absolutely no costs to your medical practice to participate in this program.
  • MediClinix has a proven track record in creating programs that bring in hundreds of thousands in additional profit.
  • Never have to negotiate with an attorney again!  MediClinix handles ALL interactions with attorneys and insurance carriers taking all the work off your billing and office staff. 
  • MediClinix will aggressively negotiate on your behalf in order to obtain the highest settlement for your practice.
  • MediClinix provides unlimited email and telephone support.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in helping medical practices that see personal injury patients.
    • We have a secure online portal so your office can easily transmit information to us, saving your staff time and saving you money.
    • We are constantly updating and improving our program to provide the highest level of profit for your clinic.
    • MediClinix will provide an updated monthly report on all recorded liens, released liens, settled cases and total payments to your clinic. 
    • The MediClinix website has an SSL certificate, which is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of the website and encrypts information that is sent to the server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.  SSL certificates, built around stringent, industry-leading authentication measures, allow 256-bit encryption for all online transactions.  The SSL certificate on the MediClinix website ensures that sensitive data is safe from prying eyes and ensures that all communication through the website is in complete compliance with HIPAA regulations.

    Did you know that many hospitals in Arizona, such as Scottsdale Healthcare and St. Joseph's, file liens when treating personal injury patients?  Why shouldn't you?

    What can you expect from The MediClinix Plan?
    Here's a real life case history.

    A clinic in Scottsdale, AZ used The MediClinix Plan from 2004 to 2008.   Total collections during this period from The MediClinix Plan were $1,367,444, representing additional collections of $273,493 per year. 

    These collections were in addition to insurance payments and patient payments.

    Still not convinced ?  Here's another medical office that supercharged its profit with The MediClinix Plan! 
    MediClinix set up a new practice in Scottsdale, AZ with The MediClinix Plan in January, 2009.  This practice recently completed its fourth year with The MediClinix Plan and collections during this period were over $1,251,000.  This translates into additional collections of $312,750 per year with monthly collections during 2012 averaging $42,000. 

    Again, these collections are in addition to health insurance payments and patient payments. 

    Of course, past results are not necessarily an indication of future performance, but results like this give you an idea of the power of The MediClinix Plan.


    Through May, 2015 this single practice has collected over $2,625,000 by using the MediClinix Plan!